A Teenagers Fantasy Comes True

Do you remember that summer afternoon when you and your best pals used to discuss sports and the man who made you a convert to a religion called Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar?

The biggest fan boy fantasy in those days, from 1991 to 1996 used to be, watching the master play from the first ball of the inning to the last, scoring a double century in a match where India scores 400 plus score.

It was a thought as farfetched as a dream. Detractors came in and gone, time went by, and for those little kids of the 90’s, clouds opened, god smiled and granted the wish.

20 years since Sachin first played cricket under the tricolor and that blue uniform, the day is here.

The score card reads:

India  401/3
Sachin Tendulkar Not Out 200(147)(25×4; 3×6).

Thanks god; thanks Sachin and love to India.


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