A First Holiday plans in 2010

In less than 48 hrs, I’ll be on my first holidays of the year. It has been a long time since I have taken off the working cap just for my kind of vacations. Though you may argue that the trip last weekend to the Rajpipla and Karjan Dam was also a good hangout, but I can tell you, that was a hangout, a gate away, not a holiday.

I am not going to any hill station or sea side but to Barwani, just for the records, I always love it whenever I visit that town of old.

It will be a 4 days trip and the prospects of it, ranging from chilling with cousins, kids and family, it will also get me some much deserved beer after 3 months without any sip of it.

So you are planning a long booze weekend?

No, that may be one of the attractions but not the sole attraction.

You lie!

No am not.

If so, why are you smiling?

Okay, that’s the plan, but you must know that I love my family kids and they will take most of my time as usual. Plus I love hanging out with my cousins.

Yeah right, at pubs.

Why you always save your sarcasms for my blogs and hit out here man, I am you.

Chill down mate. I get this that you need a break.



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