After a Fun Weekend

Why it happens that whenever I feel comfortable and happy, I fantastically go ahead and fall ill. I hate it. I am feeling totally drained, feeling flu like symptoms since I returned from Barwani this Tuesday.

Office is on and it would be a bad idea to call in sick at appraisals time. Yes there are deliverables too and need to care them as well.

Presently I am working on a custom Screensaver animation for Bausch & Lomb, one of the biggest clients we have and a web layout coding for one of their portal is also on.

Holi at Barwani was fantastic as all the kids were way too charged up at the prospect of having me around for the fun festival.

Though it was their exam time but as Parth, 7, said, ‘won’t matter if I fail, but I’ll celebrate holi.’ The entire mood derived from his announcement. I was a bit worried after this came up and promised my cousins that I’ll never show up at Barwani at the same time of the year for exam’s sake.

Priyanka got to the task and helped the kids in preparation for the exams.

One day we went for a picnic, 6 kids, me and Abhishek bhaiya at Bandhaan, a waterfall 5 KM away from the town. For snacks we got a 4 KG watermelon, a big pack of chips and 6 small fruity.

Abhishek Bhai’s house is almost ready and I can tell, it is a big and spacious affair with well planed layout and hard work. Avadhesh Bhaiya, the youngest of my cousins, who took up construction as his career, is personally taking care of the matter and his dedication is paying off.

While we returned Vadodara, Priyanka’s MBA final semester results came out. It is 68% once again, aggregating the obvious 68% for her Master’s Degree.

This ranks her among highest academic qualified person in both the families, till Abhishek bhai finishes his PhD.

Rest is alright!


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