India – A Nation Without People

I never met a person in India who rides a bike or a car and never bribed a traffic policeman. I Never met a student who did not look for leaked papers for 10th, 12th or university exams. Never saw any Revenue Inspector or Patwari who never asked for money. Never in the educational department found any retired person who did not bribe for his hard earned pension and provident fund withdrawal.

Every ‘Shiksha Karmi’ or ‘Samwida Shikshak’ or primary temp teacher in village primary schools in India is there not by his merits but the very fact that either he is from a reservation quota or knew someone or paid something.

Public property and infrastructure, which includes state and city transport buses, roads, bridges, railway networks and other installations, always get burned, vandalized or dismantled everyday by one bunch of hooligans or the other. If by mistake the city bus driver, who is eventually getting only INR 2500/- (App. USD 50) a month, scratches other vehicle on the much crowded streets on the overloaded cities in India, rather than take the driver to the police station and ending the matter, the crowd takes the responsibility to beat the poor fellow up and then burn/vandalize or damage the bus, jamming traffic, damaging public property.

Who will pay for that broken glass my dear?

Does your father know the cost of that glass?

The stone you just hurled at the bus caused damage more than triple of that salary the poor driver was earning for a month.

The buses keep running in same conditions.

And a fellow like you or me says, ‘what to do man, this is India, the government cannot run a decent bus service. Everything is broken here.’

You burn down the entire coach of a train (It always comes in a set of 2 or 3 not one). A single of those costs approx INR 3,50,00,000/-, and complain about the losses and service of the railways.

Kids are dying of hunger. Child labor is present in your own house. You know at least 4 kids who do not go to school and even work at your office/school/college and do nothing to either stop or teach them.

You know where the next generation of India, which started off as farm working kids to urban slaves, is going.

You know how hard every Indian works to pay all those taxes to the government and they spend on public property.

This is the insult to India.

This is the insult to the nation.

I constantly blog about these issues on my social blog at

This is what you must be mailing across than just creating a hullabaloo on the mail, which was created some 5-6 years ago and comes into rotation whenever a new batch of useless BE kids, who know nothing about programming but somehow hold a degree, got nothing to do and learn for the national growth, join software companies, where they get paid obscenely to sit in AC cubicles and daydream about going onsite someday.

On the above pictures, do you have floated such emails if the flag was there in the feet of Sai Baba?



Just because, he is pseudo-god for 98 percent of India public?

Human worship, not the respect of the greater thoughts is the norm in India. First kill the evils inside you and your homes.

I was forced to express my views about the content of this mail as this year I got it for the 16th time.

First take action and then forward any such idiotic emails.

And as for the second picture, can you here the national anthem from this pic?

It’s a farce!


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