Dreams and Disasters

As the weeks go by, one can sense that the plans, which were thoroughly chalked and oaths taken to follow them, just pass in plain sight. It is not that the desire to go for them has died down or the intensity is lost, but the very fact and notion of ‘hold-it-for-the-time-being’ creeps in and does not allows you to move in the direction of the dreams.

Sometime back I heard a quote from Albert Einstein, “There is a great value in disaster, it gives us the opportunity to start all over again.” in a stage play from IIT, Love in December.

While mulling over the thought of a disaster, and imagining the scenario ‘starting all over again’, I realized that if ever I got a chance to start my life all over again, I’d like to keep it almost the same except a better physic and some more time spent in classrooms.

I think it is odd, even by my standards. 😉

Yes, I am happy in my little world. BUT be cautioned, there is still a lot of scope for improvement.

There lies the struggle and chase of dreams.


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