Testing times

The main purpose of this blog, when started almost 6 years back was to chronical the ups and downs of my life when I just started in the world of software and web designing.

As many of you are aware of the fact that I got an unconditional offer from UWE, Bristol for a Web Design degree, starting September’10, and have resigned from my current job, I am trying to keep myself from blogging about the process in between.

That said, it is not the case of extreme business or lake of thoughts, but the very reason of my ongoing struggle to arrange the funding to show for my visa.

Long spells of depression and sleepless nights are a norm.

I read this morning on the office notice board while I am doing the hand over to the new guy who is going to replace me, ‘If you wish to shine like the sun, you have to first burn like one.’

That said, personally, I am going through hell.

Hope in the end it all will turn around alright.


2 thoughts on “Testing times

  1. thanks bev.. though I have not updated this blog in some time now… I have reached UK and now living at Bristol.

    Hope you are in fine health as well.


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