A new day!

So they all jumped in to bid adieu to me for a long journey across the ocean in fall of 2010 and it all started from the last post of last year.

I know there are so many things which are not mentioned in the middle but is it necessary to log about all the pain and struggle we go through in painful d-e-t-a-i-l-s? No one wishes to open a blog and see a cry baby shouting over the world for the pains he has been bestowed upon! And it is no fun in writing either.


In short, it was a good struggle and hard work but I managed to reach Bristol, UK on 23rd September 2010 for what is going to be a new world and a new life.

I love my university, the University of the West of England, the campus is so big, I haven’t managed to see it all till now. The faculty is innovative, teaching methods are better than home, classmates are teenagers who constantly talk about games, new technology or the faculty. A part and parcel of the age.

A fortnight later, Himanshu arrived and proper house was setup to live in the UK. We went for the night outs, experimented with canned vegetables and ready to eat food, tried various phone companies for a better and cheaper plan, browsed through various supermarkets and concluded the best value options from different stores.

By the time Priyanka came to Bristol in November, the winter set foot all over the Europe. It was cold everywhere, colder than what was expected by even the locals in that time of the year. News said it was the coldest winter since last 25 years and some called it winter of a lifetime.

On the last Friday of November when I was in the university lab, it started to snow.

I ran as hard I could to just get out of the building and feel something I never experienced all my life. It was really special. Following weeks were fun and colder.

At university front, all the assignments were submitted by 16th December and Christmas holidays started to last for a month. It was a big bore period as there was practically nothing to do but to sit inside and watch snow outside from the window. The temperature plunged to -7 degrees centigrade, it started to get dark at 4 PM and no sun in sight.

Those were the days when I started with HTML5. Finally after all these years, I booked the domain to myself as http://www.dushyantkanungo.com and developed the site ASAP. Counting it as a birthday present to self, I turned 28 on Christmas eve.

Priyanka gifted me a light jacket and Himanshu got a bottle of bubbly for my birth day. A night before that we had a cake, brownies, crisps (what we call chips in India are called crisps here and chips are French fries or finger chips.) mince pies, and some fun. In the afternoon, we decided to go for a walk on the historical Bristol-Bath railway path.

It is January now. University term starts from next Monday and I cannot wait to get back in the classroom.

I won’t deny it, I am having the time of my life!


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