Exploring Britain!

Here is a list of all the towns and cities where I have been to in the UK. This is just to keep track and remember those wonderful experiences:

1. Bristol
2. Slough
3. Bath
4. Cheltenham
5. Chippenham
6. Malmesbury

I know, London still does not feature on this list! Because, I have never been there, thats why!

A trip to Sussex is on the cards next week and it reminds me something funny from the past. As kids in small town Sanawad in India, we used to participate in local tennis-ball cricket tournaments with a team from our locality. Priyank, out of no where suggested we should call it Sussex. He had heard this name somewhere in the county cricket news on TV and his argument was, when breaking up this name ‘Sa-Sex’, the ‘Sa’ in Hindi, means with and ‘Sa-Sex’ will become ‘A team with so much sex appeal’.

*face palm*

Teenage Hormones! 😀

Anyways, we never won any tournament or won more than a match. Sussex Cricket Club from Baheti Colony Sanawad remains in memories.


The First New Thing of 2011

I was wondering over my new year’s resolution of doing 52 ‘things’ I have never done or experienced before and was planning to do. After much thought and pondering over the idea of ‘new’, I realised that, one can never decide over doing a new thing consciously.
It just happens!

If we look the open outlook at the life’s offerings to us, we can count and receive the ‘new’ thing as a gift or surprise.
Here comes the first thing of the year which was so not regular, it has to be counted as one of new thing!

Thing 1:

Watched two Real D-3D films back-to-back in a cinema namely Tron Legacy and Gulliver’s Travels.Also, add the 3D trailer of third Transformers and there is some evening to marvel about!

I am keeping those glasses for some time  🙂 !

A new day!

So they all jumped in to bid adieu to me for a long journey across the ocean in fall of 2010 and it all started from the last post of last year.

I know there are so many things which are not mentioned in the middle but is it necessary to log about all the pain and struggle we go through in painful d-e-t-a-i-l-s? No one wishes to open a blog and see a cry baby shouting over the world for the pains he has been bestowed upon! And it is no fun in writing either.


In short, it was a good struggle and hard work but I managed to reach Bristol, UK on 23rd September 2010 for what is going to be a new world and a new life.

I love my university, the University of the West of England, the campus is so big, I haven’t managed to see it all till now. The faculty is innovative, teaching methods are better than home, classmates are teenagers who constantly talk about games, new technology or the faculty. A part and parcel of the age.

A fortnight later, Himanshu arrived and proper house was setup to live in the UK. We went for the night outs, experimented with canned vegetables and ready to eat food, tried various phone companies for a better and cheaper plan, browsed through various supermarkets and concluded the best value options from different stores.

By the time Priyanka came to Bristol in November, the winter set foot all over the Europe. It was cold everywhere, colder than what was expected by even the locals in that time of the year. News said it was the coldest winter since last 25 years and some called it winter of a lifetime.

On the last Friday of November when I was in the university lab, it started to snow.

I ran as hard I could to just get out of the building and feel something I never experienced all my life. It was really special. Following weeks were fun and colder.

At university front, all the assignments were submitted by 16th December and Christmas holidays started to last for a month. It was a big bore period as there was practically nothing to do but to sit inside and watch snow outside from the window. The temperature plunged to -7 degrees centigrade, it started to get dark at 4 PM and no sun in sight.

Those were the days when I started with HTML5. Finally after all these years, I booked the domain to myself as http://www.dushyantkanungo.com and developed the site ASAP. Counting it as a birthday present to self, I turned 28 on Christmas eve.

Priyanka gifted me a light jacket and Himanshu got a bottle of bubbly for my birth day. A night before that we had a cake, brownies, crisps (what we call chips in India are called crisps here and chips are French fries or finger chips.) mince pies, and some fun. In the afternoon, we decided to go for a walk on the historical Bristol-Bath railway path.

It is January now. University term starts from next Monday and I cannot wait to get back in the classroom.

I won’t deny it, I am having the time of my life!

Testing times

The main purpose of this blog, when started almost 6 years back was to chronical the ups and downs of my life when I just started in the world of software and web designing.

As many of you are aware of the fact that I got an unconditional offer from UWE, Bristol for a Web Design degree, starting September’10, and have resigned from my current job, I am trying to keep myself from blogging about the process in between.

That said, it is not the case of extreme business or lake of thoughts, but the very reason of my ongoing struggle to arrange the funding to show for my visa.

Long spells of depression and sleepless nights are a norm.

I read this morning on the office notice board while I am doing the hand over to the new guy who is going to replace me, ‘If you wish to shine like the sun, you have to first burn like one.’

That said, personally, I am going through hell.

Hope in the end it all will turn around alright.

solutions time!

This time again the age old trick has worked. I heard long time back that if you face a problem of which any solution is not coming in sight, step back and give it some space. There is no point graying hair over something which cannot be solved immediately. Solution will come automatically.

And it came.

A sense of relief now runs along as the pressure for the next step mounts high.

Catch ya later!

Sleepless nights – Money matters!

Wow! I am in the gang of people who actually have sleepless nights worrying over money matters.
And to add to injury, this is happening for the biggest dream of my life.

Good news first, I got an unconditional offer of admission from the University of the West of England to study BSc. (Hons) – Web Design from their Franchy campus at Bristol, starting 13th September this year. This comes with a 3 year student visa and work permit for following couple of years. Also, included in this is work visa for my wife for the entire duration.

Can it get bigger than this?

I think not.

Now the laundry list:

1. Apply for loan
2. Pay the fee
3. Sit for IELTS (for just being on the safer side)
4. Apply for visa
5. Book tickets
6. Fly!

I have resigned from Rishabh yesterday and serving the notice period for the last two months. Now to kick the list above, first thing I need to go with is the loan application and the most important document missing there is the clearance from the bank as need to clear the education loan taken for Priyanka’s MBA.

Aww man!

This is gonna make me lose weight.

Never Say Never – The Karate Kid – with lyrics

A Very Beautiful song from the movie The Karate Kid.

Loved the song so here are the lyrics and video:

Never say never!
(never, never, never ...)

Justin Bieber
See I never thought that I could walk through fire
I never thought that I could take the burn
I never had the strength to take it higher
Until I reached the point of no return 

And there’s just no turning back
When your hearts under attack
Gonna give everything I have
It’s my destiny

Justin Bieber
I will never say never
I will fight
I will fight till forever!
Make it right
Whenever you knock me down
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,
Pick it up up up and never say never

Justin Bieber
Ne-never say never
Ne-never say never
Ne-never say never
Never say it, never never say it

I never thought I could feel this power
I never thought that I could feel this free
I’m strong enough to climb the highest tower
And I’m fast enough to run across the sea

And there’s just no turning back (oh no)
When your hearts under attack (oh no)
Gonna give everything I have
Cause this is my destiny

I will never say never (never say never)
I will fight
I will fight till forever
Make it right
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,
Pick it up up up and never say never

Jaden Smith
Here we go! guess who?
J Smith and JB! (uh huh)
I gotcha lil bro.
I can handle him. Hold up, aight?
I can handle him.

Jaden Smith
Now he’s bigger than me, taller than me
And he’s older than me, and stronger than me
And his arms a little bit longer than me
But he ain’t on a JB song with me
I'll be trying a chill
They be trying to side with the thrill.
No pun intended, was raised
By the power of Will
Like Luke with the force
When push comes to shove.
Like Cobe with the 4th
Ice water with blood.

I gotta be the best, and yes
We’re the flyest.
Like David and Goliath,
I conquered the giant.
So now I got the world in my hand,
I was born from two stars
So the moon’s where I land.

Yeah yeaaah
I will never say never (never say yeah)
I will fight
I will fight till forever!
Make it right
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,
Pick it up up up and never say never

Ne-never say never (never say it)
Ne-never say never (never say it)
Ne-never say never (never say it)
And never say never

To the world!

A Quote From A Great Man

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sight and see the possibilities – always see them, for they’re always there.” – James Allen.

I read the quote above on the ‘common’ dull blue wallpaper with late 90’s design across all the screens in the organization. No one has the right to change their desktop wallpaper but the administrator whenever someone from management orders a change of background to design team and new wallpaper is commissioned.

Quite a process, you must say, but I wonder how many of the 300 odd people around here would have given more than a minute’s of thought to what Mr. Allen said. Reading once, the words seems perfectly in pitch with a gentleman of 21st century. Then I do a small Google on Mr. Allen and it says he was a gentleman born in mid 19th century and died early in 20th century.

Hmmm… here is brief intro of a man who wrote something THAT extraordinary which made me think hard. Mr. Allen quit school to work in order to support his family at 15 as his father, a businessman was murdered. At the age of 39, after being inspired by the works of Leo Tolstoy, Mr. Allen quit his job at some good corporation to settle in some small village to write for the next 12 years till his death.

9 books and a magazine accounts in the portfolio of this man who risked everything to pursue his dream. More, he showed the courage to go against all odds to be remembered almost 100 years after his death. The second thought makes me wonder, how many people of that era would have considered the thoughts and acts of this man rebellious?

Coming back to the quote made by this great man, don’t you think this is the time to take a step towards the dreams or isn’t it asking one to get the freedom to change one’s own wallpaper?

Mr. James Allen – Salute!

If James Bond joins Twitter

The name is Bond, James Bond.

The marathon of watching James Bond movies goes on and this is certainly taking my imagination for granted.

Till now, I have seen the first 12 and last 6 movies of the 007 and closing in for the entire franchise.

So, while looking at all the not-so-super cool gadgets (ahem… when compared to 21st century), I think what if James used the entire internet thing with his flamboyant attitude?

Picture this:

James Bond joins Twitter as @007. He has following of almost every criminal in the world for his whereabouts.

007 Tweets: M caled, asignd to trk dwn osama, afghanstn cms bond.

Osma Tweets: @007 we’ve been expctng u mr.bond, ur rep prcds u.

Obama Tweets: @osama bewre @007 gonna kick ur a$$

007 Tweets: nu gadgets frm Q are cool. I cn c Osama frm ma drone

Q Tweets: @007 whtevr u do, plz dnt distroy nu car, n dont send drone now, it wil drop in light

007 Tweets: was with @ms_sherawat last night, flight ready

Osma Tweets: @007 oh, ur gting ur car too, btw ur drone is down by searchlight tks @Q

M Tweets: @Q u r fired

Shashi Tharoor Tweets: @M @Q @007 @Obama this is a case of hypocrisy shown by M, Q is innocent

Mallika Sherawat Tweets: @007 u r one naughty spy who shagged me. c ya later.

007 Tweets: oh come on @Q @M

he he he!!!

Most people complain that I always write either about day to day activities or something so strange that one has to think hard to look beneath the layers. I fully agree to their views about the pattern of my blog posts.

Here, when I look back to my older posts, I see them as a creative outlet of the strangest thoughts I have based regular happenings in my life. A story or journal is always incomplete if you cannot connect with the protagonist or the writer. A day-by-day activities are something what actually happened, but a complex piece of text explains how it made one feel.

I treat my blog as a friend. This friend of mine is storing life and times of Dushyant. In stories, events, dreams and thoughts. One day there will be no Dushyant but this information or text will be shared by this friend of mine to the world or with anyone who will care enough to read.

Aw man… you are again moving to your suspenseful side.


Yeah… if so, then please cut the crap and tell us what’s up?

Okay! Office work is just fine. This new facility is serving its purpose. I am not taking some additional responsibilities of a group leader for some activities and enjoying it.

Rest cool.

The hollow soul

Though not every day, but sometimes the feeling of being lost somewhere when you do not belong crops up and gives an Ariel view of your own life. Recognizing oneself as distant cry from everyone as a stranger seems very natural.

Sitting on office or home computer is the only solution one can think of and this loneliness creeps in your dreams and echoes from the empty soul. What on earth are you doing Dushyant?

I don’t know.

You dream, prey and look for a way out. You remember all those friends of past and promise to meet them again and have the blast of your life. You dream about those golden memories and wish them to come back, knowing the life keeps speeding on and never stops or returns to the point is has crossed.

Everyone says live in today, live the moment, make new memories so that one day, you wish to return here. I cannot promise that. It is so hollow, so empty, so strange. No matter what I do or say, it all bounces back to me. It never lets me in. It’s just the surface which I can feel or see. How one can make memories of shadows or walls.

There are no real people in this world. They are email IDs or cell phone numbers. There is no one in this world which whom you can share a dream. It always stays with you.

Sometimes broken, sometimes burnt or sometime with a hope that it all will change.

Patience, they say, is a virtue. I think there must be a limit to it.

Sometimes, I wish to delete all my social networking accounts and profiles, just wish to throw away my cell phone. If being anonymous is the destiny, so be it.