007 Marathon and a trip to Barwani

In the days when the mercury is soaring at 45 degree centigrade, it is hard to talk about any other thing.

Last Friday following an impulsive call, I went to Barwani with Priyanka. I just wanted to get out of Vadodara and this was the best I could do. Fairly enough, it was a good decision and in the end, and we returned rejuvenated and refreshed to the harsh weather of Vadodara.

It is not that if Indore or Barwani are lesser hot places these days, but the fact that, Barwani and Indore are always remains dry whenever mercury rises. In case of Vadodara, the humidity level peaks and makes us suffer until late nights.

Back to topic, the trip to Barwani was a fantastic move. Some rounds of Budweiser, lazy noon and family faces made all the travel worth.

For the next trip, the date of inauguration of Abhishek Bhai’s place is shifted to 14th June. I am rescheduling the plans accordingly.

Hey! I got tickets of ‘Kites’, releasing tomorrow.

AND NOW, I am watching the James Bond Movies every evening. I always wanted to see them all in a marathon. Tuesday was Dr. No, Wednesday was From Russia with Love. Tonight, 007 will be back.

PS: We shifted to Gajanan at office. It’s peaceful, calm and good! 🙂


Moving Office Space

On a very special request from a client, one of my project team is shifting to another building with the marketing and HR department from Monday onwards.

This is good news since moving to a new location is certainly going to revitalize the energy and we can carry the tasks afresh in the new environment.

I am getting envious glances from fellow designers here because they feel that I’ll be in a more comfortable position than them.  🙂 I won’t deny their point but just wish to tell them that it is all about willingness to push the envelope. If one can stand for self and prove to be an asset for the working team and can consolidate the position, happiness come following.

Though, as promised by the management, this move is only for the 3 months till they get another office ready in the building where the current development team stays, I feel that this is not that easy and may take longer than that.

I just went through various teams and bid people farewell till the next meeting. I can say that most of the guys around here are pretty nice and good to work with.

Just life

Blog things with Himanshu aside, here is an update. I got the increment mentioned earlier on last Monday but not the promotion and increment is just the average and something extraordinary as I was expecting. Nevertheless, it was a good dreaming period about the new designation and more money.

I feel it has been quite a while since I have treated myself well. So, as a token of appreciation to yours truly, a car audio system from Sony was purchased this weekend. YeY!!!

‘You cannot believe your eyes, when 10 million fireflies…’ nice song which I am humming since last 2-3 days.

Abhishek bhai came till Pavagadh and returned Barwani without visiting Vadodara last week. I cannot blame him, though am disappointed, as the heat is really playing spoilsport these days. The temperature in the city and around is almost 42 degree centigrade on an average. Yesterday it was 43 and all the forecasting tools online claiming 42 for rest of this week.

It was HImanshu’s birthday on last Tuesday and at the very hour he turned 23, he came to Vadodara, with a big cake and huge smile. It was a fun little party we had here.

Apart from these things, I watched many notable movies, some for the second time. The Pursuit of Happyness, Million Dollar Baby, A.I., City of God, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and others. Agree that most of the names I took here belong to tear jerker genre but are sure shot one of the better movies made over the decade.

Rest later!

Summer Afternoons and A Work Week

Nothing can be written when one has the extreme moods. Being way too happy or upset or angry can never help one who seeks out some inspiration to write.

In my opinion the best writings which can be presented as honest opinions from a person’s mind come when it is full with mixed emotions.

A lot has happened over the last post I wrote here and life seems headed on its own path which is as curvy as road from Dehradoon to Masoori. Priyanka has returned from Indore and a lot of things being discussed between two of us.

This is April, time of the year when corporate appraisals take place. My best bets are a designation upgrade and a salary pack at par with the current market offerings.

The reviews have been done and management has taken the decision on the next year’s fate of its dear employees. It is just a matter of a couple of days before the verdict comes out. Figures crossed.

For my personal front where my family life and career occupy the most of thoughts, I am still in looking for the perfect solution to all my worries.

I am planning for a big CV update with new academic enhancements which will take almost three year (You are right… a degree in Web Design) to follow.

My office has got a new leave management system which tells me that I have 7.68 leaves balance which I can avail with prior notice. Now that was a surprise for a guy like me who went on leaves without pay for last 6 months. Now, I am not sure as to how to use all those balance leaves.

A trip to Indore or Barwani, inclusive of 2 weekends and a workweek sounds just the way.

For the occasion, I think inauguration of my uncle’s new home will be the best time for this plan. Dates will be, as I have been told, around 20th May. HOT summer!!!

The temperature today at Vadodara is 41 degree centigrade and as if that is not enough, the prediction of this week remains almost at the same mark. Late in last month, we had it almost 43 degrees for an entire week. Talk about global warming. I say, it’s not a farce.

Move it dude, there is so much happening, just in a way which is so not cool.

By the way, my boss, Mr. Apurva Shah, resigned from his position as Delivery Head and so my Team Lead Meetul.

More later.

Confused as always

Why it happens that when one is in very good mood or bad mood it gets difficult to blog? The thought of blogging something which is happening around rises but the will to put it into words just goes so weak that it becomes a task impossible.

I sent back Priyanka to Indore for some very strange reasons. My first excuse was the signs of uncomfortable-ness in my professional commitments which might hamper her prospects of having a stable career at any organization. Two, it was something to do with her promise for the PhD in Marketing which she feels is not possible in her life for the time being. The thought of not leaving the scenario of dead end career and not being able to move around made me somewhat disturbed and I chose to have some time off from her and think over the plans of the future.

Everyone tells me why have plans when life is so uncertain and I reply, life without a plan is a plane without a pilot.

It’s gonna crash!

I think the biggest drawback that I am facing with my carrier is related to relevancy of my education and my work profile. All the big shot companies are looking for someone with a BFA or HUI degree for their design needs and looking at the long term goals, it seems proper that I must move with accomplishing something which can help me grow as a professional.

The options I am considering are derived from the thought of having a degree in the domain I am having 8 years of experience, Web Design.

I hope I can pull this off this time around.

Over the weekend I visited Rajesh Bhai’s home at Kalol with Himanshu and it was all fun and cheers.

Rest is thoughts and confusion.

After a Fun Weekend

Why it happens that whenever I feel comfortable and happy, I fantastically go ahead and fall ill. I hate it. I am feeling totally drained, feeling flu like symptoms since I returned from Barwani this Tuesday.

Office is on and it would be a bad idea to call in sick at appraisals time. Yes there are deliverables too and need to care them as well.

Presently I am working on a custom Screensaver animation for Bausch & Lomb, one of the biggest clients we have and a web layout coding for one of their portal is also on.

Holi at Barwani was fantastic as all the kids were way too charged up at the prospect of having me around for the fun festival.

Though it was their exam time but as Parth, 7, said, ‘won’t matter if I fail, but I’ll celebrate holi.’ The entire mood derived from his announcement. I was a bit worried after this came up and promised my cousins that I’ll never show up at Barwani at the same time of the year for exam’s sake.

Priyanka got to the task and helped the kids in preparation for the exams.

One day we went for a picnic, 6 kids, me and Abhishek bhaiya at Bandhaan, a waterfall 5 KM away from the town. For snacks we got a 4 KG watermelon, a big pack of chips and 6 small fruity.

Abhishek Bhai’s house is almost ready and I can tell, it is a big and spacious affair with well planed layout and hard work. Avadhesh Bhaiya, the youngest of my cousins, who took up construction as his career, is personally taking care of the matter and his dedication is paying off.

While we returned Vadodara, Priyanka’s MBA final semester results came out. It is 68% once again, aggregating the obvious 68% for her Master’s Degree.

This ranks her among highest academic qualified person in both the families, till Abhishek bhai finishes his PhD.

Rest is alright!

A First Holiday plans in 2010

In less than 48 hrs, I’ll be on my first holidays of the year. It has been a long time since I have taken off the working cap just for my kind of vacations. Though you may argue that the trip last weekend to the Rajpipla and Karjan Dam was also a good hangout, but I can tell you, that was a hangout, a gate away, not a holiday.

I am not going to any hill station or sea side but to Barwani, just for the records, I always love it whenever I visit that town of old.

It will be a 4 days trip and the prospects of it, ranging from chilling with cousins, kids and family, it will also get me some much deserved beer after 3 months without any sip of it.

So you are planning a long booze weekend?

No, that may be one of the attractions but not the sole attraction.

You lie!

No am not.

If so, why are you smiling?

Okay, that’s the plan, but you must know that I love my family kids and they will take most of my time as usual. Plus I love hanging out with my cousins.

Yeah right, at pubs.

Why you always save your sarcasms for my blogs and hit out here man, I am you.

Chill down mate. I get this that you need a break.


All Izz Well – at life!

A review meeting for the quarter gone by starts in some time from now. By the unstated rule of corporations it is going to be on the same lines as all the meetings where the managers have to evaluate you and team and decide whether the increments should be given to you or not.

No price for guessing, considering the past few weeks of on goings, I am so not looking forward to it.

At a time when one needs a pat on the back or a hug, facing the inevitable criticism is not good. I just hope that it all unfolds in a easy manner.

Apart from office things, what is the deal when you see one of your BIG plans almost crashes on the ground and you need to look for another way to keep your morals uptight? Not good I suppose! I am advised to just duck and hide when the storm grows stronger. I guess that would be the best thing to do.

Looking for more from life and it is just playing with me. I know it happens all the time but as the old saying goes, the heart is stubborn like a child, he needs everything or nothing.

So in the end, to kill the spell of ‘anxiety’ from my last blog, here is the mantra:

All Izz Well!!!

Cricket, SEO and Movies

Social Media Marketing for ODScommerce is keeping me busy these days and it is getting harder to keep track here. Anyways, it was a good long workweek for us all at office.

On Monday evening, as I came out of office I saw Nayan Mongia coming out of his shop with family. As he lives just across the road from my office, I saw him many a times doing his chores. Brajesh, who was with me waiting for other people to go play cricket tournament with some other corporate team, suggested we must go and meet him.

So we went and after a formal introduction, I told him about how we used to discuss about him and his wicket keeping skills.

The guy was humble and gave us all ears for what we were telling him. It was great!

On the professional front, I got to attend this webinar about the trends in 2010 to double the web traffic, organized by WebMarketing123.

The best thing about the entire experience was that, it consolidated all my beliefs and learning about SEO by just summarizing what I learned about SEO and SEM all these years.

On a conversation over twitter, I asked the webmarketing123 people if it is possible for me to do guest blogging for them and they said, I need to list out the topics I am interested in and then we may proceed.

Coming back to square one here, it requires some time to actually sit and write about the best in technology about which much has been written already.

Over the weekend, I watched bulk of movies and see if I can remember the names: The Blind Side, Julie and Julia and Inglorious Basterds among the lot!

I bet there were 4 more. LOL!

See ya later!

The return and the new beginning!

Hi Friends!

I am back and perfectly fine. The wedding was superb and we all had the best time of our lives. Actually I am a little late here as I returned on Monday but never got time to look into 360 because of the workload. everything was waiting for me for almost one month.

Well! Here I am with a lot of stories and a lot of photographs. I think I should go slow to explain everything in detail! It will be fun! I promise. For example… the photo posted with this entry is actually clicked by me in the Himalayas.

I am so glad to be back here and happy to know that you all missed me.

As for now… Priyanka is still in Indore and I am back to Pune (alone! 😦 !).

So tell me first.. how are you people?