Cricket, SEO and Movies

Social Media Marketing for ODScommerce is keeping me busy these days and it is getting harder to keep track here. Anyways, it was a good long workweek for us all at office.

On Monday evening, as I came out of office I saw Nayan Mongia coming out of his shop with family. As he lives just across the road from my office, I saw him many a times doing his chores. Brajesh, who was with me waiting for other people to go play cricket tournament with some other corporate team, suggested we must go and meet him.

So we went and after a formal introduction, I told him about how we used to discuss about him and his wicket keeping skills.

The guy was humble and gave us all ears for what we were telling him. It was great!

On the professional front, I got to attend this webinar about the trends in 2010 to double the web traffic, organized by WebMarketing123.

The best thing about the entire experience was that, it consolidated all my beliefs and learning about SEO by just summarizing what I learned about SEO and SEM all these years.

On a conversation over twitter, I asked the webmarketing123 people if it is possible for me to do guest blogging for them and they said, I need to list out the topics I am interested in and then we may proceed.

Coming back to square one here, it requires some time to actually sit and write about the best in technology about which much has been written already.

Over the weekend, I watched bulk of movies and see if I can remember the names: The Blind Side, Julie and Julia and Inglorious Basterds among the lot!

I bet there were 4 more. LOL!

See ya later!