Exploring Britain!

Here is a list of all the towns and cities where I have been to in the UK. This is just to keep track and remember those wonderful experiences:

1. Bristol
2. Slough
3. Bath
4. Cheltenham
5. Chippenham
6. Malmesbury

I know, London still does not feature on this list! Because, I have never been there, thats why!

A trip to Sussex is on the cards next week and it reminds me something funny from the past. As kids in small town Sanawad in India, we used to participate in local tennis-ball cricket tournaments with a team from our locality. Priyank, out of no where suggested we should call it Sussex. He had heard this name somewhere in the county cricket news on TV and his argument was, when breaking up this name ‘Sa-Sex’, the ‘Sa’ in Hindi, means with and ‘Sa-Sex’ will become ‘A team with so much sex appeal’.

*face palm*

Teenage Hormones! 😀

Anyways, we never won any tournament or won more than a match. Sussex Cricket Club from Baheti Colony Sanawad remains in memories.


Sleepless nights – Money matters!

Wow! I am in the gang of people who actually have sleepless nights worrying over money matters.
And to add to injury, this is happening for the biggest dream of my life.

Good news first, I got an unconditional offer of admission from the University of the West of England to study BSc. (Hons) – Web Design from their Franchy campus at Bristol, starting 13th September this year. This comes with a 3 year student visa and work permit for following couple of years. Also, included in this is work visa for my wife for the entire duration.

Can it get bigger than this?

I think not.

Now the laundry list:

1. Apply for loan
2. Pay the fee
3. Sit for IELTS (for just being on the safer side)
4. Apply for visa
5. Book tickets
6. Fly!

I have resigned from Rishabh yesterday and serving the notice period for the last two months. Now to kick the list above, first thing I need to go with is the loan application and the most important document missing there is the clearance from the bank as need to clear the education loan taken for Priyanka’s MBA.

Aww man!

This is gonna make me lose weight.

A Quote From A Great Man

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sight and see the possibilities – always see them, for they’re always there.” – James Allen.

I read the quote above on the ‘common’ dull blue wallpaper with late 90’s design across all the screens in the organization. No one has the right to change their desktop wallpaper but the administrator whenever someone from management orders a change of background to design team and new wallpaper is commissioned.

Quite a process, you must say, but I wonder how many of the 300 odd people around here would have given more than a minute’s of thought to what Mr. Allen said. Reading once, the words seems perfectly in pitch with a gentleman of 21st century. Then I do a small Google on Mr. Allen and it says he was a gentleman born in mid 19th century and died early in 20th century.

Hmmm… here is brief intro of a man who wrote something THAT extraordinary which made me think hard. Mr. Allen quit school to work in order to support his family at 15 as his father, a businessman was murdered. At the age of 39, after being inspired by the works of Leo Tolstoy, Mr. Allen quit his job at some good corporation to settle in some small village to write for the next 12 years till his death.

9 books and a magazine accounts in the portfolio of this man who risked everything to pursue his dream. More, he showed the courage to go against all odds to be remembered almost 100 years after his death. The second thought makes me wonder, how many people of that era would have considered the thoughts and acts of this man rebellious?

Coming back to the quote made by this great man, don’t you think this is the time to take a step towards the dreams or isn’t it asking one to get the freedom to change one’s own wallpaper?

Mr. James Allen – Salute!

Dreams and Disasters

As the weeks go by, one can sense that the plans, which were thoroughly chalked and oaths taken to follow them, just pass in plain sight. It is not that the desire to go for them has died down or the intensity is lost, but the very fact and notion of ‘hold-it-for-the-time-being’ creeps in and does not allows you to move in the direction of the dreams.

Sometime back I heard a quote from Albert Einstein, “There is a great value in disaster, it gives us the opportunity to start all over again.” in a stage play from IIT, Love in December.

While mulling over the thought of a disaster, and imagining the scenario ‘starting all over again’, I realized that if ever I got a chance to start my life all over again, I’d like to keep it almost the same except a better physic and some more time spent in classrooms.

I think it is odd, even by my standards. 😉

Yes, I am happy in my little world. BUT be cautioned, there is still a lot of scope for improvement.

There lies the struggle and chase of dreams.

007 Marathon and a trip to Barwani

In the days when the mercury is soaring at 45 degree centigrade, it is hard to talk about any other thing.

Last Friday following an impulsive call, I went to Barwani with Priyanka. I just wanted to get out of Vadodara and this was the best I could do. Fairly enough, it was a good decision and in the end, and we returned rejuvenated and refreshed to the harsh weather of Vadodara.

It is not that if Indore or Barwani are lesser hot places these days, but the fact that, Barwani and Indore are always remains dry whenever mercury rises. In case of Vadodara, the humidity level peaks and makes us suffer until late nights.

Back to topic, the trip to Barwani was a fantastic move. Some rounds of Budweiser, lazy noon and family faces made all the travel worth.

For the next trip, the date of inauguration of Abhishek Bhai’s place is shifted to 14th June. I am rescheduling the plans accordingly.

Hey! I got tickets of ‘Kites’, releasing tomorrow.

AND NOW, I am watching the James Bond Movies every evening. I always wanted to see them all in a marathon. Tuesday was Dr. No, Wednesday was From Russia with Love. Tonight, 007 will be back.

PS: We shifted to Gajanan at office. It’s peaceful, calm and good! 🙂

Moving Office Space

On a very special request from a client, one of my project team is shifting to another building with the marketing and HR department from Monday onwards.

This is good news since moving to a new location is certainly going to revitalize the energy and we can carry the tasks afresh in the new environment.

I am getting envious glances from fellow designers here because they feel that I’ll be in a more comfortable position than them.  🙂 I won’t deny their point but just wish to tell them that it is all about willingness to push the envelope. If one can stand for self and prove to be an asset for the working team and can consolidate the position, happiness come following.

Though, as promised by the management, this move is only for the 3 months till they get another office ready in the building where the current development team stays, I feel that this is not that easy and may take longer than that.

I just went through various teams and bid people farewell till the next meeting. I can say that most of the guys around here are pretty nice and good to work with.

The hollow soul

Though not every day, but sometimes the feeling of being lost somewhere when you do not belong crops up and gives an Ariel view of your own life. Recognizing oneself as distant cry from everyone as a stranger seems very natural.

Sitting on office or home computer is the only solution one can think of and this loneliness creeps in your dreams and echoes from the empty soul. What on earth are you doing Dushyant?

I don’t know.

You dream, prey and look for a way out. You remember all those friends of past and promise to meet them again and have the blast of your life. You dream about those golden memories and wish them to come back, knowing the life keeps speeding on and never stops or returns to the point is has crossed.

Everyone says live in today, live the moment, make new memories so that one day, you wish to return here. I cannot promise that. It is so hollow, so empty, so strange. No matter what I do or say, it all bounces back to me. It never lets me in. It’s just the surface which I can feel or see. How one can make memories of shadows or walls.

There are no real people in this world. They are email IDs or cell phone numbers. There is no one in this world which whom you can share a dream. It always stays with you.

Sometimes broken, sometimes burnt or sometime with a hope that it all will change.

Patience, they say, is a virtue. I think there must be a limit to it.

Sometimes, I wish to delete all my social networking accounts and profiles, just wish to throw away my cell phone. If being anonymous is the destiny, so be it.

Just life

Blog things with Himanshu aside, here is an update. I got the increment mentioned earlier on last Monday but not the promotion and increment is just the average and something extraordinary as I was expecting. Nevertheless, it was a good dreaming period about the new designation and more money.

I feel it has been quite a while since I have treated myself well. So, as a token of appreciation to yours truly, a car audio system from Sony was purchased this weekend. YeY!!!

‘You cannot believe your eyes, when 10 million fireflies…’ nice song which I am humming since last 2-3 days.

Abhishek bhai came till Pavagadh and returned Barwani without visiting Vadodara last week. I cannot blame him, though am disappointed, as the heat is really playing spoilsport these days. The temperature in the city and around is almost 42 degree centigrade on an average. Yesterday it was 43 and all the forecasting tools online claiming 42 for rest of this week.

It was HImanshu’s birthday on last Tuesday and at the very hour he turned 23, he came to Vadodara, with a big cake and huge smile. It was a fun little party we had here.

Apart from these things, I watched many notable movies, some for the second time. The Pursuit of Happyness, Million Dollar Baby, A.I., City of God, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and others. Agree that most of the names I took here belong to tear jerker genre but are sure shot one of the better movies made over the decade.

Rest later!

India – A Nation Without People

I never met a person in India who rides a bike or a car and never bribed a traffic policeman. I Never met a student who did not look for leaked papers for 10th, 12th or university exams. Never saw any Revenue Inspector or Patwari who never asked for money. Never in the educational department found any retired person who did not bribe for his hard earned pension and provident fund withdrawal.

Every ‘Shiksha Karmi’ or ‘Samwida Shikshak’ or primary temp teacher in village primary schools in India is there not by his merits but the very fact that either he is from a reservation quota or knew someone or paid something.

Public property and infrastructure, which includes state and city transport buses, roads, bridges, railway networks and other installations, always get burned, vandalized or dismantled everyday by one bunch of hooligans or the other. If by mistake the city bus driver, who is eventually getting only INR 2500/- (App. USD 50) a month, scratches other vehicle on the much crowded streets on the overloaded cities in India, rather than take the driver to the police station and ending the matter, the crowd takes the responsibility to beat the poor fellow up and then burn/vandalize or damage the bus, jamming traffic, damaging public property.

Who will pay for that broken glass my dear?

Does your father know the cost of that glass?

The stone you just hurled at the bus caused damage more than triple of that salary the poor driver was earning for a month.

The buses keep running in same conditions.

And a fellow like you or me says, ‘what to do man, this is India, the government cannot run a decent bus service. Everything is broken here.’

You burn down the entire coach of a train (It always comes in a set of 2 or 3 not one). A single of those costs approx INR 3,50,00,000/-, and complain about the losses and service of the railways.

Kids are dying of hunger. Child labor is present in your own house. You know at least 4 kids who do not go to school and even work at your office/school/college and do nothing to either stop or teach them.

You know where the next generation of India, which started off as farm working kids to urban slaves, is going.

You know how hard every Indian works to pay all those taxes to the government and they spend on public property.

This is the insult to India.

This is the insult to the nation.

I constantly blog about these issues on my social blog at http://nationwithoutpeople.blogspot.com.

This is what you must be mailing across than just creating a hullabaloo on the mail, which was created some 5-6 years ago and comes into rotation whenever a new batch of useless BE kids, who know nothing about programming but somehow hold a degree, got nothing to do and learn for the national growth, join software companies, where they get paid obscenely to sit in AC cubicles and daydream about going onsite someday.

On the above pictures, do you have floated such emails if the flag was there in the feet of Sai Baba?



Just because, he is pseudo-god for 98 percent of India public?

Human worship, not the respect of the greater thoughts is the norm in India. First kill the evils inside you and your homes.

I was forced to express my views about the content of this mail as this year I got it for the 16th time.

First take action and then forward any such idiotic emails.

And as for the second picture, can you here the national anthem from this pic?

It’s a farce!

Baheti Colony Days

As was decided in my last post in this blog marathon which me and Himanshu are holding, this post is dedicated to my days in Baheti Colony, Sanawad.

My family shifted to Baheti Colony in 1990 in a rented house, when I was 8 years old and my class 3 exams just got over. Back in those days, it was a new colony and not many houses around. It was a farmland earlier with many trees and muddy grounds. Sighting of snakes was a common thing.

The families who lived there had some kids like Rajesh Bhai, Shrikant Bhai, Pappu Bhaiya and others but my only friend in the neighborhood was the girl next door, Sapana, who was about my age. In less than 10 months time, my family built our own house on the plot next to the rented house and shifted. I admitted to the nearest school, the Sarasvati Vidhya Mandir for 4th standard.

Then other kids came to live in the colony. Priyank, Ashwin, Hitesh Bhai, Himanshu, Dipali, Bhupendra, Akhilesh Bhai, Tina, Nikhil, Amit and Sumit and many more. We become friends and spent most of the time playing hide and seek in under construction houses in the colony in never ending noons, after school.

Older kids used to bath in The Bavdi (a big well), which is just outside my home and I always dreamed of learning to swim and jump from the top into the water. Until one day, the municipality of the city decided to clean the Bavdi and started distributing drinking water from the same.

In summer days, we used to play cards under the street light with all out beds joined together and gossip till late night before going to sleep in still warm summer air.

Music and dance was another part of life. Technology was changing and our colony got its first cable connections. Many of the homes decided to stay away from the ‘unnecessary’ expense of Rs.50/- a month on the extra channel and kids were doing just fine with one and only Doordarshan.

On TV, it was all about Jungle Book, Disney’s Tail Spin and Duck Tales, Discovery hour and weekly sops. It always left us with a lot of time to spend outdoors doing nothing and just be happy.

One hour tuitions, dinner at 7:30, wiring to get electricity at the roof and audio cassettes were the norms for every kid. In exam times, we used to study in the small huts or tents prepared on the roofs, declaring sovereignty from parents. I can remember my BIG hut was made of a iron beam, a ladder, old rugs and window panes which were removed in the summer time to let air flow in the kitchen.

Many kids played marbles and used to fly kites, but honestly, I was not that good in marbles and my kites never took off. I learned Cricket only after the Cricket World Cup in 1996.

Every year, there used to be stray puppies all around the place. Moti, Bhuru and Rani were the most popular dogs around and had designated owners. Moti and Bhuru were Indian Labradors while Rani was a Pomeranian. Bhuru disappeared in 1995, Rani Died in 1996 and Moti died of a wound in its neck in 1999 on my doorstep.

After all these years and living far away from the good old memories, it has changed drastically. All the kids are now grown ups and just like me, moved far away to make a living.

I still call Baheti Colony my home and love it from the core of my heart.

So there!

Dear Himanshu,

Whats the next topic?