The Deathly Hallows

The end is here. It cannot be true. It is so soon. I finished reading the Half Blood Prince last night and today morning see what I got here, the final book cover.

The Deathly Hallows is here to conclude the series.

As any other HP fan, I am also desperate to read the book 7 which will come out on July 21 but feeling sad with the thought of no more Harry after it at the same time. It is a mixed bag kind of feeling if you ask me. Everything which has a beginning has an end.

But it is here, isn’t it? We can see it, don’t we?

Apart from the regular Harry should kill Voldemort and finishes all his Horcruxes, here are my expectations (Or rather, I am preying desperately) from The Deathly Hallows:

1. Harry lives a long life with Ginny.

2. Dumbledore returns in some form.

3. Harry gets at least some words with his parents or Sirius.

4. Ron and Hermione express their feelings towards each other.

5. Hogwarts remains open.

6. R.A.B. should be alive and must assist Harry in his venture.

7. No one from the Weasley clan or from Hermione’s family or from the teaching staff of Hogwarts or from Uncle Vernon’s Family or any student from Hogwarts or any member of the Order of the Phoenix gets hurt.

8. Harry must have a face off with Snape and kill him.

9. Dolores Umbridge should get another lesson. She needs more then she got.

10. House elves should be playing more crucial part than just serving. They are way too strong.

11. Luna and Neville should end up together.

12. Draco should realize the fact that he is not evil and should sacrifices himself in process to save Harry.

13. Mr. Weasley for Minister of Magic!

14. Stan Shunpike must be released from Azkaban.

15. The Phoenix owned by Dumbledore must come with Harry in the hunt of Horcruxes.

16. Someone will gain some magical powers very late in his/her life. I am desperately praying it should be Dudley.

And a lot more. It is a tough wait if you ask me.

Go Harry…!


One thought on “The Deathly Hallows

  1. you know why you got no comment in here, hate to break your heart and please dont get mad because youre such a real cool guy but Harry Potter sucks!!!! stilll my friend???

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