March 30, 2006

Reviews of the poster of Sitoliya are coming in. As expected, people who were aware of my ambition and know the script said it was good and a few people made jokes out of it.

It is fine since they still think that I am also jokeing by designing such thing.

I loved the trailer of Little Manhattan. Alas! the film released only in NYC and will come out on DVDs this April. I am waiting for the film since last one year.

Q. Why 20th Century Fox and Regency Pictures made a film for DVD?
A. Than it is easier for other countries to make DVD-Rip-off of them!

A Trivia….

Do you know, most of the films release in New York City months before their US or World Premier.

My machine is serving the team as a VSS Server and I am not allowed to shut down it. I do check mails, do chat, download and use the net at its fullest but never catch up with viruses. (Touchwood!)
But these programming guys, keep coming back with viruses in the process to infect my machine. If something goes wrong, and my machine, which is a server, gets currupted, the whole project will be dead.

Everyone will blame me for not taking care of the machine and infecting with virus. But viruses come from Praving and Dheeraj. They call themselves software Professionals but they do open all the attachments sent to them. Spams, chain mails and viruses, everything.

Vikky bhai told me not to try and visit untrusted websites as his machine, at home, is not protected with any antivirus program.
This is riddiculous since you have a internet connection and do not have any antivirus!

By the way…
Today is “Gudi-Padwa”, first day of Hindu New Year. May all the wishes of everyone’s heart come true.


March 29, 2006

Sitting at home, for the first time I am composing this entry.

Vikky bhai and Manoj bhai are asking me how I get time to check all the mails and blog? I think for them it is sorts of funny. 

Well I think it is just a matter of being net-savvy.

I am listening some good music and enjoying the evening. Being with friends at home is a perfect chill out for me.
Amar came a few hours ago. My oppointment is fixed with the producer. I think things are going to turn all right,




In this world, as we grow up, we meet so many people. Some of them become our friends. As the life progresses some friends leave us, some gets left behind and we leave some of them.

This journey never stops. It has it’s own plans. It never waits for anything, anyone, and anywhere. The journey is called life.

Sitoliya is a story of Aditya, an 11-year-old boy who has his own world where he likes to be alone. Close in his own mind he tries his best to avoid anyone with a wish of friendship. His nature is the biggest concern of his parents.

When his only best friends Rohan leaves the town, broken Aditya gets a new friend in the face of Muskan. Muskan teaches him to laugh and life and the meanings of friendship.

Aditya, who started looking at the world in a whole new perspective, never knew, the storm was coming.

But promises need to be kept.

Sitoliya tells a story of the pillars of friendship and value of words. It teaches us not only about life, but ways on which it can be more beautiful.

March 28, 2006

I was late again last night. I reached home at aroung 10:00 PM. Amar was waiting for me there. We had a script hearing session and I think he liked the story. I am going to meet the producer this weekend and on a shoot this monday.

I found Narmadashtak on a website featureing all the works of Adi Shankaracharya. I think it was an achivement of sorts as I was in online search of Narmadashtak since last 3 years.

Aarti joined coatching in Indore. She is relaxed now. I told her to be cool and enjoy.

I am having a major responsibility of inviting people of Narmadiya samaj in the the meet which is going to be held on Sunday in Sambhaji Park. I think there will be a lot of people on the day.

While buying a pair of sunglasses, I broke one from the middle…. HAHAHA
I just opened it and with a small tick, it was in 2 pieces in my hands.

That was a scene on the Walking Plaza of MG Road in Pune. Hey… do you know, the walking plaza of MG Road in Pune is also a Wi-Fi Zone?

That means, any one can access Internet anywhere in that area on a laptop.

Just like me!!

March 24, 2006

Ohh… A busy week came to an end. For the first time in almost 8 months, I worked till late in office.

Mr. Pishu Harjani, The MD of Focus Software visited last week. A pic of his visit was mailed to everyone today. (See… I am in my new Orange Tee and wearing my brand new contact lenses.)

I think these days I am getting busier with things around me i.e. Projects at home, Office work, Scripts and all. This is very good if you think as I was too thoughtless before my accident in the months of Oct. and Nov..

Good news came last night. Nikhil called from Mumbai. His presentation on Bhagat Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil and Ashfaq-Ulla Khan, got selected 3 times in a row. First for the whole C-DAC Center than for a Presentation to the guests arrived at his institute for a function on the sacrifice day of  ‘Three Mighty Freedom Fighters’. And in the last, the presentation got nominated for a short documentory compitition in Mumbai.

I think the guy is definately going places. Keep it up Nikhil.

Vikky Bhai got GPRS unlimited connection on his cell. Manoj Bhai got a project outside Tata and got a PC home. Today when I’ll reach home, there will be an extra PC with 512 KBPS internet connection.

Aarti, on the other hand, says her 12th Maths exams bombed big time and she refused to join any coatching class for entarance examinations. I convinced her that we,  her family, are behind her, so she does not need to be afraid of shamefull for whatever outcome she gets as  a result of the examination. My little sister, she cries like anything.

Things going fine. Life is good.

March 21, 2006

Since my return from Sanawad after recovery, I am trying hard to get my portfolio strong in terms of projects and project management. I started with a Placement Brochure presentation for Babauraoji Gholap College, for Gaurav, and the presentation is almost done. I am waiting for students’ photos and resumes.

Apart from that a few more projects are under pipelines and in talks. A Narmadiya Samaj website, A project from Vinay H. , A project from Kripal (friend of Hissam and Harris).

I am ok but I think the long break away has changed so many things in my life.

Now I send more SMSes, More mails, make more calls and try to be in touch with everyone. Last night I was confronted with yet another mood swinger. Nothing happened but I got cracked. Finally I sat on my PC and designed a layout and got the answer.

Designing makes me feel good and look good. And one more thing… I design best while I am in bad mood!

March 14, 2006

Last week, I joined this group of Narmadiya Samaj and now am very happy to be a part of a community were I belong to. I made a lot of new friends and trying to make more. They are all nice people.

In office since I joined back a bit of chaos is going on. All modules I was working on are now renamed and I am having problems matching up with them. Well I think it won’t take long and I’ll be back on track soon.

I am alright now, physically, and mentally too. Got myself in a comfort position to see and plan my next steps for future.

Life can make me slow… but can’t stop me achieve my dreams.